3 Dec 2015

Jump Street Trampoline Park Penang

Salam Readers..

Thanks to Jump Street Trampoline Park Penang for invite us #bloggerutaraofficial to review this placed. We had a great time to spend time together and have fun here ! Come and join us :)

Seramai 18 orang blogger yang terlibat dalam Jump Street event ni. Kali ini group terbesar dapat join event. Ada muka-muka baru yang dapat jumpa. For more info please read the terms and conditions.


are an amazing urban playground for adults and children alike, with hundreds of interconnected trampolines from the floor right up the walls and multiple jumping attractions at every venue - It doesn't matter if you've never jumped on a trampoline before - you've got to try Asia Largest Trampoline Parks and experience the thrill of Defying Gravity. Come with your friends and / or your family and enjoy the thrill of fight at Malaysia's ONLY indoor trampoline parks.


Total Price (Monday - Wednesday) : RM22 / Pax (Incl 6% GST)
(1 Hour Jumping + Reusable Socks)

Total Price (Thursday - Sunday) : RM 27 / Pax (Incl 6% GST)
(1 Hour Jumping + Reusable Socks)


Stokin boleh diguna pakai semula setiap kali masuk Jump Street


70, D'Piazza, D'Piazza Mall, 
Jalan Mahsuri, Bayan Baru
11900 Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang.



You can try out all the 7 attractions listed below with guidance from Jump Street Instructors :

* 2 Dodgeball Courts

* Slam Dunk

* Main Court

* High Performance

* Tower Jump

* Foam Pit

* Battle Beam (Restricted to Kids Only)

Jump Street has hosted numerous small to large sized corporate groups and our Jump Referees are very experienced in handling large numbers of people. Each group will be assigned a Jump Referee to serve as your host, where he / she will be with you from the moment you arrive, during the check-in process, lead the warm-up and stretching and conduct the Basic Trampoline Skills lesson.

Please find below a sample of the jumping activities that a group would generally participate in. 

Foam Pit Relay @ Foam Pit

2 teams will jump at the same time
- A large black padding will be placed 5 feet from the trampoline.
- Each jumper needs to jump into the foam pit, touch the Dodge Ball, crawl out of the foam pit and tag the next person.
- The process is repeated until all team members complete the challenge and are saved.
- Points are given for each Saved Player in the team, based on 10 points per player. Time limit given is 4 minutes per team.

NBA Sharp Shooter @ Slam Dunk Lane

Each team gets to play this game together. The object of the game is to score as many hoops as possible within a time limit of 2 minutes.
- For a team of 10 people, we recommend the breakdown of jumpers as follows :

  • 10' hoop = 3 jumpers, 9' hoop = 3 jumpers, 7' hoop = 4 jumpers.
  • Point will be given based on the following:
  • 10' hoop = 30 points, 9' hoop = 20 points, 7' hoop = 10 points.

Trampoline Dodgeball @ Dodge Ball Courts

Dodgeball Teams will play a competitive game on both courts using the Round Robin Format. 
Team will earn points depending on how many players are left on the Courts, based on 10 points per player
(Eg : 3 players left standing = 30 points). Time limit given per game is 3 minutes.

Ice Breaker @ Main Court

After the Check-in Process, our Jump Referees will conduct a Safety briefing and lead your group through some stretching and demonstrate 5 basic trampoline skills :

  • Straddle Jump
  • Tuck Jump
  • Pike Jump
  • Knee Drop
  • Seat Drop

High Performance

Manusia terbang  

Tower Jump

Disini wajib pakai sock yang disediakan dan tangan akan diikat tag, baru boleh lompat. Nanti ada trainer yang guide, no worries. Kalau parents tak nak lompat tak payah bayar cuma boleh masuk dan tengok sahaja. 

Thank you so much Mr. Mike, Mr. Aidid and jump street crew's for guide us. For more info :

Official Website : Jump Street

Facebook : Jump Street Asia

Instagram : @jumpstreetasia

Youtube : JumpStreetAsia


  1. Kak Nina pergi event ni juga ya :)

  2. nina..mana gambo kita ghamai2...oo derhaka ye

  3. nape x donload video nina tu..ha at least k.el nak glem gak..jdlah sipi2 haha

  4. skrg best lah ada bf tetap kemana bw je si k tu ek
    bukan kimK ok haha

  5. owh. ni macam enerz extreme park kat PJ tu

  6. Woii ! pasepa gambaq semua bergegaq... bergegaq bijik mata ni...

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  8. kat sini ada tp nuuunnn jauh kt PJ...ada hati jg nk pegi tp smpi laa ni x pegi2 ;-)

  9. Wow weeee,,,happeningnyaa..mesti best dapat berkumpul ramai2 kan..Salam kenal n follow sini.

  10. Salute Nina berani cuba kt foam pit tu wlau lompatan x mjd. Klau akak lompatan mau x naik dh la lps tu

  11. first time jugak kita jumpa kan :) ternampak pulak kelibat kami anak beranak belakang tu hihihi

  12. kalu wat hari2 ni boleh kurus ni... tambah plak ramai2 yg join ;-)

  13. happening sungguh lah geng blogger utara ... dapat banyak invitation review :)

  14. menarik lah jump street ni ... tak pernah lagi masuk tempat macam ni :)

  15. bila nina snap gambar dari atas ... wah besar juga area jump street ni, puaslah jump sana sini :)

  16. chop, jari peace belakang nina tu pha is ke? ... mesra na pha is dengan nina ;)

  17. Mesti ada gambar pha is untuk di bahankan hehehe

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  19. Tapi sorry la ye sebab gelak kuat sangat hari tu hehehe

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