16 Oct 2010

About Me

Hello people, this is me Niena Ahmad. All you need to know now is that my life is changing, day after day. I'm 20 on July 4th 2010. Dip. In Multimedia kptm course in IpohSometimes can be weird, sometimes can be "gila-gila". I’m from a mixed race family (malay+banjarnese+siamase). Well I’m not perfect, but I’m also not someone who goes and does anything really crazy. I‘m kind of boring. But I feel very comfortable with myself. I just want to be myself not anyone else. I love people who are nice to me. I don't want find any trouble with somebody. I don't smile a lot to someone I don’t know (sorry) tp bukan SOMBONG ok. My relationship with my parents is very important to me. 

Boyfriends? I think for a while it’s obviously going uncomfortable because of the break-up. I only want to be with someone who thinks I am the right girl for him. And now after 6 month I meet someone in my life. Never thought that I will fall in love again. Only god know's who I love, He so special for me. He makes me smile for no reason. You do anything to make me smile. Thank sayang sebab jage orang dengan baik masa orang tengah demam. I love you sayang..


 @ McD Pekan, Ipoh

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